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Moscow International Business Center (MIBC) Moscow City is the largest business and architectural center in Moscow. The business district "Moscow City" today combines the interests of Russian and foreign companies within a single international financial center. The business center Moscow-City includes 31 sections, on which, in turn, 22 buildings of various purpose are located. The structure of Moscow-City includes business centers, office-residential buildings and multifunctional complexes, connecting everything you need for business, leisure and entertainment. Here you can rent an office for your company or buy property in the property.


The structure of Moscow City includes the following buildings: IQ Quarter Tower 1, IQ Quarter Tower 2, IQ Quarter Tower 3, AfiMall, Tower 2000, Embankment Tower block "A", Embankment Tower block "B", Embankment Tower block "C", City of Capitals - Moscow Tower, City of Capitals - St. Petersburg Tower, Grand Tower, Eurasia, Empire, Empire 2, Novotel, Oko North Tower, Oko South Tower, Mercury City Tower, Bridge Bagration, Neva Towers - Tower 1, Neva Towers - Tower 2, The North Tower, The Federation of the West, The Federation of the East, Evolution, Expocentre and other buildings with a smaller area.


The Moscow-City website - - is a website with detailed information about Moscow-City, received from the Moscow-City management company, as well as users of premises in the buildings of the business district, through official channels, through the media and other open sources. We publish the latest and relevant news about the "Moscow City". You can familiarize yourself with the available materials about Moscow-City on the NEWS Moscow City page. NEWS of the Moscow City.


The history of Moscow-City is the history of a non-trivial view of architecture and a large chain of events that resulted in the emergence of Moscow-City. Development of Moscow-City MIBC originates in 1991. Today it is the “business capital” of Russia, where numerous offices, boutiques, conference rooms, shops, restaurants, cafes and residential apartments in skyscrapers are concentrated. Each building has its own name, for the first time at that time for Russia. Work was carried out to expand the metro, the roads were extended. Often foreign specialists were involved in the work. Completion dates for the complex - 2020 More information about the history of Moscow City can be found on page History of Moscow City of MCT site.

The unique location of the Moscow-based Moscow Regional Medical Center Moscow on Presnenskaya Embankment near the famous sights of Moscow, such as the House of the Government of the Russian Federation, the World Trade Center, the Expocenter and the Hotel Ukraine, was not chosen by chance. The convenience of the location here is ensured by the presence of the main highways: TTK, Novy Arbat, Kutuzov Avenue. The connection of the metro and the MCR.

Moscow-City is a unique complex of office and residential buildings, which is in the process of continuous development, but has certainly become a landmark of the capital. Today, the Moscow-City project can be considered as the embodiment of the most promising and unique idea among all without exception architectural projects in Russia. The main idea of ​​the Moscow City developer is to create such a business quarter, which will become not only a business center, but also entertainment for a huge megapolis, such as Moscow is the capital of Russia and the largest city in Europe.

What do you know about bulding of Moscow-City ?

4 mln square meters

The total area of ​​all buildings in the business center MIBC Moscow-City exceeds 4,014,318 square meters. If you translate this value into such a unit as hectares, you get more than 401 hectares, which is 10 times more than the territory of the Vatican.

41,4 % офисы

The share of office space in Moscow City is 41.399% of the total number of premises. For clarity, we can say that the office premises in the buildings of Moscow-City occupy a total of ~ 593 floors inside all buildings.

17,4 % flats

The share of apartments among other premises in the business district of Moscow-City is 17.4% of real estate. It is important to note that in Moscow City there are buildings in which there is no share of apartments at all. In most of the buildings, the apartments are located on the upper floors and have the highest cost per square meter.

Site of Moscow City

The site "" , consolidates the most detailed information about "Moscow-City", contains reference information about the enterprises of Moscow-City, as well as information about the lease and sale of premises in Moscow-City. Other popular sites: "" , ""

Management company

MC Moscow-City (abbreviated official name Moscow Management Company) - PJSC "CITY" - the official website of Moscow City - "" . For more than 20 years PJSC "CITY" has been the representative of the Moscow Government in relations with third parties on issues of management, creation and development of the Moscow-City MIBC.

Subway and MCR

The territory of Moscow-City is bordered at once with three metro stations: "Exhibition (Filevskaya line)," Business Center "(Kalininskaya and Solntsevskaya lines) and" International "(Filevskaya line), station of the Moscow Business Center (Moscow Central Ring). Thus, from the subway to each building of Moscow-City can be no more than 5-6 minutes on foot.

Developers of Moscow City

Such companies as AFI Development, Capital Group, LLC Liedel Investments Limited, Solvers Estate, AEON-Development, GALS-Development, and Grand Title took part in the construction of the Moscow-City complex. , MosSitiGroup, Renaissance Development, Snegiri, Concord, Tashir, Enka Inshaat ve Sanayi A.Sh.

Architectors of Moscow City

Inan Vehbi, Kettle Toni, Ostryuk Olgay, Posokhin Mikhail, Orphan Gennady, Williams Frank, Choban Sergey, Schweger Peter, as well as other famous architects took part in the creation of Moscow-City architecture and the design of concrete buildings.

Management in the buildings

"Bilfinger HSG Facility Management", "CAPEX", "Aikom Russia SESDi Limited", "Bellgate Construction Limited" (AFI), "WB Service", "Grand Title", "Mkapital", "Montex Service", "R-7 Group, MC "City", "City Center Investment B.V.", "UK FEDERATION GROUP".

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